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Relaxer Treatment

Relaxer TreatmentOne of the more popular styles right now for people with longer hair is spiral perms. However, as popular as the hair style is, most of us eventually get tired of seeing the same curls every day. For those of you who would like something different, Stefani's Salon offers relaxer treatment which softens the curls in your hair or gets rid of them all together, depending on your preference.

If you have extremely straight hair and want to add some more character and body without doing going through a perm, we can add some layers through some hair weaves. With our professional haircuts, we can make layers work with short, medium, or long hair length. We can also perform braiding service on your hair if you feel that you would like to braids. We can discuss the best options for you and your hair during a consultation at our hair salon.

Here at Stefani's Salon, our hair stylists are fully trained on perms, relaxers and haircut services so that you have options to have the hair you’ve always wanted.