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Microcurrent Facials

Microcurrent FacialsMicrocurrent facials provide a current through an applicator we apply at our hair salon. There are a lot of factors which contribute to aging; the environment around you, what you eat, if you smoke, and the omnipresent sun, all which are factors that can cause the body to deteriorate. Microcurrent facials are akin to a reboot of an electrical system. They can stimulate the production and storage of collagen and elastin. Also, it was shown that the quality was better with an increase of 10 percent thicker collagen and 45 percent stronger elastin.

At Stefani's Salon, our beauty salon consistently reduces the dark circles and swelling under the eyes with our microcurrent facials. Fine and deep wrinkles on the face also diminish, pores get smaller, eyes and brows lift, and the skin itself looks brighter than it has in years. Don't let old age deter you from seeking microcurrent facials. In time you'll say goodbye to most of your loose skin and look 20 years younger.

Microcurrent facials are a solid hour of facial massaging. You might feel a strange sensation of your hair being pulled at the hairline or a mild metallic taste in your mouth, but as odd as it all sounds, you will not experience any pain during any of your sessions. Once you've completed your series of treatments, your face will look rested, youthful, and any noticeable wrinkles will be all but gone! Come to Stefani's Salon in Framingham, MA to look better than you have in years! We also offer haircuts and waxing service to help you complete the entire package that is you!